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About Karaikudi Ayurveda

 This clinic is designed as a tranquil haven for practising Kerala Ayurveda , Siddha and Yoga the most ancient traditional systems of medicines. Unlike other hospitals we assure you an efficient , friendly and highly personalized service . Resident doctors along with a cordial and friendly staff make the patients feel at home and at ease. We believe that these treatments respond well when the patient is relaxed and happy. Giving Primary importance to this fact each part of the clinic focuses on providing quiet and peaceful atmosphere for its patients .

    Here we provide you the food of your choice in our kitchen. A wonderful experienced complemented with these treatments is what you can look forward to receive here. Here we aim to achieve our mission of bringing Peace , health and happiness to everbody through the medium of Kerala Ayurveda, Siddha and Yoga.

 1 We provide discerning vacations - a combination of fun and health 
Yoga and various traditional meditation programs. Vacation time spent in this clinic is a time spent on rejuvenating your mind and body.

  2 We provide variety of treatments mainly Pizhichal,
  Dhara (Thakra dhara , Siro dhara), Pathrapadolaswedanam , Nasyam , Abhyangam , Dhanyamla dhara, Ksheera dhoomam , Udwarthanam , Sirovasthi, Urovasthi , Kadivasthi , Vasthi (Maatra vasthi , Sneha vasthi , Kashaya vasthi ). We also provide other treatments like Navara kizhli, Herbal Facial , Medicated steam bath, Lepanam,Virechanam ( Body Purification therapy), Pichu , Anjanam, Dhanyamla Lepanam , Navaratheppu, Thalam etc. Our package includes Relaxation and Stress Management Therapy, Body immunization and longevity therapy, Body Purification therapy, Obesity /Weight Shedding packages and Rejenuvation packages.

    Above all we take pains to ensure that your stay in our clinic is a memorable one .
    Leisure time sight seeing and tour packages are also custom designed to suit your unique needs and tastes.


Ayurveda, Siddha & Yoga